20 Top Tips for Idle Skilling | Gaming Tier List (2024)

20 Top Tips for Idle Skilling | Gaming Tier List (1)

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Here’s twenty hot tips for Idle Skilling to kick start your adventure or break through barriers in this free to play incremental idle game. Move through a world of abstract pixel art quickly and get those sweet Idleon rewards fast. We’ve got five tips for each of the four categories: getting started, first ascensions, first rebirth and making it to the end game.

They did remove the character from the main world in Idleon, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get the reward.

  • Getting Started
  • Ascension – Start of Mid-Game
  • Rebirth – Start of End Game
  • End Game Tips

Getting Started

You’ll want to get some gems ASAP. If you want to go fast you’ll have to pay to play. Sad truth here, but if you throw the starting gem pack at the game you’re going to zoom through the start very quickly with just double AP, the infinity forge and a few other quality of life upgrades like advanced skillers.

Avoid long waits, reap short gains. Nothing in the early or mid game is going to take you very long to wait and get. For instance, if something says it’s going to take a week then that’s something you’ll come back to later, go do something else. Everything in the game plays off everything else to increase the speed that everything moves at. This means that if you’re looking at a day+ to level something up then you’ll just need to forget about it for now and come back later.

Avoid secrets until later. Secrets give you some pretty strong bonuses, but there’s no point in grinding at a secret until you’re sufficiently further in the game. For instance, you’ll easily kill death for the first secret in the game very quickly but to get the materials for the quest will take some time.

Training & crafting are big. You need DPS & gold advancements. Mining & Fishing drive crafting and fighting drives training. Early on you need to focus on these and keep them going.

Ascend quickly and frequently. Your first few ascensions are major damage boosts once you unlock pets and get the vial that doubles your damage each ascension. Not only that but AP is a major driver along with BP for gains and advancement. By ascending quickly, you’ll stockpile AP that’ll let you go further giving you more total AP over time.

Ascension – Start of Mid-Game

Raids are your best friends. Raid, raid and do more raids. Auto skilling will make each ascension easier and starting with skills already going is going to let you wipe through contracts. When Rebirth comes into play, the Aslyum will become important as it’ll allow you to strike multiple enemies at once.

Contracts are a literal requirement for advancement. So do not forget to check the limbo tab and make sure you’re getting the contracts (or achievements if you will) done. There’s a lot of ascension based goals that are easy to knock out in the mid game. DO NOT SPEND your medals on anything but auto-advance if you want any quality of life in the game.

Pets and Crusade are kinda important. Don’t forget to grind crusades (yes you have to click next every single time and yes you’ll need to do each boss 100+ times) and grind pets. Vials are huge for advancement and checking them and upgrading your pets does wonders. The gem shop green egg slips are not that great, neither are golden nests fyi.

Spend your AP wisely & farm AP tickets. You’ll need lots of damage so focus on the center column first. Look up the keys before you spend them, they’re hard to get and some of the AP bubbles just are meh.

Do every feature early. Some features are literally time locked like spelunking & construction. So as soon as they pop up, get started on them.

Rebirth – Start of End Game

Rebirth takes a ton of time. You have to setup everything, from botany to mining to fishing and everything else up again. You don’t have to do pets or crusades or contracts, but you have to do everything else. It takes time so make sure to have the time to set the game up again.

Rebirthing requires ascension points. Make sure to ascend and grind through fighting etc. to get the most out of a rebirth. The AP is a near requirement to get strong BP.

The gem shop shines for rebirthing. You get 1 AP ticket and 2 BP tickets, which lets you skip a lot of grinding. You only get them once per actual rebirth. Further tickets come from raids (AP) and asylum (bp) but these can be life savers to get you to push further.

Construction is the biggest drive of advancement. You need a lot of money to fund spelunking which then funds construction. You need to use machines to grind way higher treasures down to lower level treasures to get enough to craft things in construction which you need builders for. It’s a lot, it takes a lot of time but it unlocks potions and that unlocks advancement.

Don’t forget your potions. Be sure to do potions as much as you can.

End Game Tips

Ice Cream failure is okay. If you get to the point you can’t defeat any enemies and you can’t push any further, drop the ice cream and just finish the rebirth without it. You can come back and do it again.

Spelunking works well if if you keep just extracting resources. You can just grind 5-10 seconds and get basically the best bag for the time and repeat over and over to push some of your builders/machines/construction projects up.

Don’t forget dark mode potions! This is easy to forget. It’s a selector at the top right of the screen. Make sure to select it.

20 Top Tips for Idle Skilling | Gaming Tier List (2)

Leave the game on fighting for the most money. It’s really helpful.

Don’t forget T-Perks! You can get training perks by leveling up your training skillers. These give % damage increases which are huge along with % gold. Don’t forget to keep limbo running too, even if it’s a pain after each rebirth.

I hope these 20 tips help you become an Idle Skilling pro!

20 Top Tips for Idle Skilling | Gaming Tier List (2024)


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